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Cascade Clothing Range Has Dropped

Our first run of our Cascade clothing has just dropped on the site and we couldn’t be happier with how these look.


When thinking about having a range of clothing making sure it was as ethically sourced as we could. Stumbling across a manufacturer who seemed to tick a lot of boxes set our ball rolling to create these. We wanted to share some of the great things about our range;

100% organic cotton. After reading about quite how bad regular cotton can be for the environment we decided we would only use suppliers making garments with organic cotton. It doesn’t use any nasty pesticides or fertilizers so is better for the environment and producers. It uses less water but even organic cotton still uses a lot.

The area the cotton is grown is northern India where monsoons fill up reservoirs that supply most of the water needed to grow the plants. The cotton is processed and sewn in a factory using 100% renewable energy and any waste water produced is fully cleaned to drinkable levels.


These are printed in the UK in a factory again using fully renewable energy. Throughout the process thought is given to environmental and social impact which we love.


We hope you love the new range as much as we do. It has been produced in a limited print run, we won’t do this design again, some sizes are only available in very small numbers. While we have to charge a little more for our clothing we believe it is worth paying for a more sustainable product. Check out the full range here.

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