Cascade Meets : Rugg Tomcat - Cascade Juggling

Cascade Meets : Rugg Tomcat

For this episode of Cascade Meets, we were graced by the presence of the legend that is ‘Rugg Tomcat’.

A well renowned Street performer, Tom also has oodles of experience performing Circus, Magic and Comedy on Stages all over the UK.

In this interview Tom shares with us his story, from professional child actor to travelling street performer, and some of the best bits inbetween. We also talk about some of the differences between working on the Street, and working on Stage, and which one of these Tom prefers.

With Covid-19 still having a massive impact on the performing arts, we touch a little on what Tom, and his company ‘Fish on Stilts’, have been upto these last few months, which includes their new Youtube Channel and some excellent tutorials on Club and Contact Juggling.

So go grab some snacks, make yourself comfortable, hit play and enjoy.



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