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Learn How to Juggle 3 Balls

So you want to learn to juggle? Well we have set out a helpful guide with all the basics to set you on your way. The video below goes into the whole process but we have set out the most important steps here too.

The easiest way to learn is to break down the process into steps that will be simpler to master. This means starting with just one ball, moving on to two and finally introducing a third ball.

When juggling you want to throw the ball from one hand up in a diagonal to drop in your other hand. Both hands should throw up and across with the second ball coming inside the first. Start off getting comfortable with this throw and catch using just one ball.

The hardest stage for a lot of people is two balls and getting the throws and catches correct. Focusing on the throws rather than the catches is the most important part as once the throws are accurate the catches will be a lot easier.

Once you are ready to try three balls remember these important points.
– Make sure you are throwing the balls just a little above head height and work on getting these consistent!
– Only throw the next ball once the one in the air is at it’s peak. This will help you juggle in a nice steady rhythm.
– Practice starting off from both hands.
– Practice little and often, it is better to do 10 minutes 4 times a week rather than 1 hour once a week.
– Stick at it! It will take time but once you can throw and catch about 6 times you have cracked it, congratulations!

Please don’t follow the advice at the end of this video!

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