Bicycle Special Assortment Deck


This deck contains an assortment of Bicycle gaff cards for a wide range of effects.

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This is full 52 card deck of mixed Bicycle gaff cards.

They can be used for a wide range of tricks and effects and included is:

5 Double Back Blue/Blue

5 Double Back Red/Red

10 Blank Face Blue

10 Blank Face Red

5 Double Back Red/Blue

6 Double Face

5 Double Blank

6 Blank Back/ Regular Faces

The tuck boxes will be a random colour, either red or blue.

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2 reviews for Bicycle Special Assortment Deck

  1. Peter

    Colour changing deck, three card miracle, back to back deck. Dozens of illusions can be pulled off with extra twists using this specialist deck. The finish, and feel of these are second to none and so much nicer to use then making your own specific gaff cards.

  2. black ghost

    perfect gaff cards

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