Changeling DVD and Gimmick


Changeling is a customizable note switch where size, colour or even currency does not matter.

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Changeling teaches three fully worked routines but this trick can be used in so many ways, you can come up with your own version.

This is a really visual trick where notes switch and it doesn’t matter about the size, colour or even currency.

Taught on the DVD are:

Bill Monte – A new take on an old classic. Two notes switch place in an instant when the spectator has their hand on one of them!

Note-Possible – A signed borrowed note changes in the spectators hand for a lesser value note. As a kicker you can have their signed note end up in you (card to) wallet.

Two Bill Transpo – A borrowed note is isolated in a glass held between the spectators hands. Then in an instant, it visibly switches with a note placed in your hand.



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