Defiance by Mariano Goni


Defiance is the latest creation from Mariano Goni, it will allow you to animate small objects in new and impossible ways.

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Mariano Goni has a reputation for creating visually stunning magic and Defiance is no different.

Animate small objects such as cards, notes and cigarettes in seemingly impossible ways.

The Incredible Spinning Card – A borrowed credit card is thrown several feet away and hovers in mid-air, on your command the card comes back to you as slowly or quickly as you like.

In The Air Change – A piece of paper is show and the crumpled up and it begins to levitate, you then take out a lighter, light it to reveal a bank note now in it’s place, still levitating!

Floating Bill – A crumpled note is levitated, passed from hand to hand and then you can borrow a hoop earing or bangle to pass over it.

Floating Cigarette – Mariano teaches the most impossible cigarette levitation. A cigarette is levitated and while in mid air you borrow a ring to pass over it, both objects can be examined. You will be taught the method and how to create the gaff in complete detail.

The package comes with everything you need to start performing.


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