Devil's Hanky


A card is chosen, noted and put back. The deck is then shuffled and put in it’s box, this is put inside the ‘hanky’. You then reach in and without hesitation pull out the spectators card, dropping the hanky you show it is now empty.

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The Devil’s Hanky is a special cloth that allows you to perform the following trick.

A spectator chooses a card from a deck, notes it and puts it back in the pack which is then shuffled and placed in the box. You then take the hanky and holding it by the corners form a bag/ pouch into which you place the pack of cards. You then reach into the bag and remove the spectators card, dropping two of the corners of the hanky the pack of cards has disappeared only to re-appear in your pocket.

Can be used ofr many other tricks and routines that involve disappearing small objects.

Please note the colours may vary.



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