Ellusionist Invisible DVD


A DVD packed with six amazing routines including making borrowed objects levitate.

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This DVD has some incredibly powerful routines that are going to amaze yout audience.

Borrow a ring then make it rise from your foutstretched hands. You then push the still levitating ring across your hand before a spectator plucks it from mid air with no idea how it just happened.

You can make this happen along with five other routines.

What’s Covered;

Vanish and re-appear a borrowed ring under impossible conditions.

Perform three-fly where the final coin visibly flies from your hand.

Levitate borrowed objects from your finger tips.

Learn three incredible haunted pack routines.

Move hovering objects with the push of a finger.

Shoot a selected card out of the deck.


Please note you will also need to have invisible thread for these routines.






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