Gora Fire Hat


A crazy prop that gets attention, the fire hat adds some real drama to any routine.


The folks at Gora have gone and done it! They’ve created one of the most out there props on the market, a fire hat.

The hat has a length of kevlar rope coiled around the top, separated from the main body by a thick heatproof layer of silicone.

Only lamp oil should be used with this prop and applied very carefully by a syringe (included), ensuring none is spilt on the felt or silicone coating.

5 minutes before lighting you should apply water to the top and sides of the hat.

As lamp oil takes a long time to light you can carefully add a few drops of lighter fluid to the kevlar to help it get going.

With careful use and proper useage you should get 50 – 100 burns from the hat.

This is a dangerous prop and should only be used by experienced performers.

Weight 0.5 kg

Skill Level


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