Grifters Coin


Grifters are specially made coins taking their influence from ‘Buffalo Nickels’ of the early 1900s and are the same size as an American half dollar.

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In the early 1900s the hobos of the Great Depression would spend a long time on trains moving from one place to another and have a lot of time to kill. They would use this time carving into coins and creating the famed ‘Buffalo Nickels’. These were renowned for their craftsmanship and were the key to the underground if you held one.

The Grifters have used this as inspiration creating an intricate design with and antique finish.

They are the same shape and weight as US Kennedy half dollar so experienced coin men will be familiar with them.

The edges have been finely milled for better handling the noise reduction.

Included with the coin is access to seven beginner coin effects and several handling techniques.

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