Juggle Dream Carousel Bearing Diabolo with Wooden Handsticks


This set includes a Carousel bearing diabolo and a set of wooden handsticks, ideal for beginners.

Juggle Dream Carousel Bearing Diabolo

The Crousel is a new single bearing diabolo from Juggle Dream, a great value diabolo ideal for beginners.

Wooden Diabolo Handsticks

This set of wooden diabolo handsticks are a good option for those just trying out diabolo or for workshops.

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The Carousel is a medium sized single bearing diabolo that is great for those looking for their first diabolo.

The bearing axle means the diabolo will spin for longer than a fixed axle model and gives you longer to perform tricks on put together trick sequences. It also makes stick and finger grinds easier.

The cups are made from a tough TPE that is going to stand up against lots of knocks and drops.

This set includes a pair of wooden diabolo handsticks. These are the entry level sticks and suitable for beginners looking to get into diabolo.

Also included is a Cascade carry bag to keep your diabolo and sticks in.


Width: 122mm

Diameter: 105mm

Axle: 8mm One Way Bearing

Juggle Dream Carousel Bearing Diabolo

Weight N/A
Skill Level


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Wooden Diabolo Handsticks

Weight 0.05 kg
Skill Level

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