Krom 9Y Bday Kendama


The Krom 9Y Bday is a thing of beauty and packs a lot of new features into one model.

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The latest model from Krom is the 9Y Bday kendama. This model introduces a lot of new features, the new ken shape, lamination system, box design and wood types.

The new Aggressive Ken shape. The AK ken has reworked measurements to give a sharp and unique look. Big cups and a skinny spike will feel good for lunars and slingers. Sharper cup edges allow for cleaner stall tricks as well.

Made from maple, birch and zebrano woods the base cup has the new warp hole. The dama is finished with LOL clear coat for a nice sticky feel.

Comes with gold string and a mini bearing.

*birch wood is a soft wood type compared to other hardwoods, when missing spikes with a dense zebrano spike the scope of the tama will show it. This is intentionally chosen to quickly break in your tama for stall tricks. Slight chipping around the bevel may occur.

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