Lock Stock and Riot


A range of impressive tricks performed and taught by Peter Mckinnon.

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A collection of tricks from Peter McKinnon that are explained in careful detail to allow you to perform them as well as possible

From a leather notebook the tricks are brought to life in this instructional DVD that includes performance clips as well.

Tricks included are:

-Pandora – Pete’s favorite effect from this DVD. A card is genuinely selected from a shuffled deck, the deck put aside and the card put back in the box and the whole thing is handed back to the spectator to hold. Instantly, the card has vanished – only to appear in the performer’s back pocket, inside his hat, stuck to the back of the box – or wherever else he wants.

– Pantheon – A Ring is placed onto the finger – and then slowly melts off with a rub. One further the rub, and the whole ring disappears. With a wave of the hand, the ring rematerialises back on the first finger. A modular routine that’s a superb deviation from the ‘common card trick’.

– Revelator – A quick flourishy production of a full fan of cards from a single card held at the fingertips.

– Dragonfly 2.0 – From a free flourish & control given to Black Club Members comes this full transposition effect. A card inserted into the centre of the deck in a flourish swaps places with one clearly placed at the bottom of the deck.

– Suit Up – A Necktie appears in the action of taking off a hat. An opener that breaks the ice, like a Sir.

– Breakdown – As seen on the Infinity, Artifice, LTD, ShadowMaster and BlackGhost trailers – it’s the flourish Pete has been inundated with requests to teach. On this DVD – he finally.. uh.. breaks it down.

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