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Mesika Loops are a really powerful tool letting you perform amazing magic.

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A firm favourite at Cascade, Loops are a simple yet very effective effect that can be used in a variety of ways.

Levitate notes or other small objects, perform haunted deck, move pens or cutlery without touching it.

The loops come in a pack of 8 with a special storage wallet allowing you to keep them in your pocket or wallet and have them to hand easily.

Made in the USA with mesika elastic invisible thread, one of the best we have tried and basically invisible.

Also included is access to a 20 minute tutorial taught by Yigal Mesika on how to use loops plus tips.

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2 reviews for Mesika Loops

  1. Ariki

    Very fun product to use, people I have shown it off to were extremely shocked! Stretches quite far. Mine came missing one loop, but other than that would recommend!

  2. oscarparkins

    amazing magic i use it all the time to blow minds and it gets some breath taking reactions

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