Orbit v7 Parallel Edition Playing Cards


This is the Orbit v7 Parallel Edition which was released alongside the standard v7 deck.

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The Orbit v7 Parallel Edition was released alongside the standard v7 deck and only 5,000 were printed.

During the process of designing the v7 deck the inside of the box looked so cool they had to make it a deck in it’s own right.

After some tweaking to make the back design work this was dubbed the Parallel Edition as the concept of parallel universes seemed to fit here.

The outside of the v7 box is the inside of the v7p box. Throughout the deck you will also find other things that have been flipped/ changed between the two variations but those are up to you to find.

These feature a one way design and also include a double backer and duplicate 8 of spades.

Printed on crushed stock and traditionally cut.

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