Poly Pro Untaped Hula Hoop - 90cm


These naked poly pros are light, responsive and come untaped so you can decorate them yourself or leave them as they are.

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Made in the UK from polypropelene these are the lightest and fastest hoops we stock and are suited to advanced hoopers.

They measure in at 90cm (35.4″) so are a little larger than the multi hoops but weight less at just 235g.

The ultra lightweight hoop means it is super responsive and ideal for body moves and multi hooping but these are not suitable for beginners.

Nice and strong these hoops will last you well.

This is the ‘naked’ version which is untaped and comes in a little cheaper than the taped versions.



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1 review for Poly Pro Untaped Hula Hoop – 90cm

  1. Saff

    These hoops are approx 35.5″ across in 3/4 polypro tubing.

    While I wouldn’t recommend these for those new to on-body hooping (they are very fast), they make a great progression tool for those already comfortable with an exercise or dance hoop and they are excellent for those learning off body moves. You can even use them for learning twin stuff such as thread the needle, 2 and 3 beat weaves.

    If grip is an issue you can add grip tape yourself, either in a spiral or just around the inside of the hoop; you can also sand the inside of the hoop using sandpaper.

    I own many of these and have bought them to use in hoop classes as they are kinder to hands, arms and feet while learning weaves/throws/elbow hooping etc. They have lasted years and are well worth the money. Would definitely recommend.

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