Theory 11 Derren Brown Playing Cards

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The Theory 11 Derren Brown playing cards were produced in collaboration with the world famous master of pyschological illusion.

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The Theory 11 Derren Brown playing cards are a new addition to our shelves and look amazing.

Crafted over 2 years with art direction from Derren Brown. These are a tribute to art, design and the pyschological art of illusion.

The gold and green design has been made to resemble an antique book and the intricate back design is suitable for magicians and collectors.

Printed in the US by USPCC.

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1 review for Theory 11 Derren Brown Playing Cards

  1. John Gardiner

    The packet for these cards is very nicely embossed in gold and green to look like a book. Very stylish. The cards themselves are uspcc stock so are quality cards which handle very smoothly. The backs are a classy design as you would expect from Derren Brown and Theory 11. The faces are also a classic design with the aces having individual designs. All in all a very nice deck of cards to handle and very pleasing to the eye.

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