Stuck Inside

It’s now February.

We’re still in lockdown.

And it’s snowing here in Scotland.

Stuck indoors once more, it’s getting easier to be annoyed at the lack of space and frustrated with the height of the ceiling, forever the bane of jugglers at home, well, some juggler’s. If you’ve hit a plateau in this time, working on a new trick, trying to get a longer run of a pattern, it can be hard to maintain the motivation to succeed, while staring at the same four walls.

Sometimes we need to embrace these limitations, take a step back from the old challenges and try something silly instead.


So if your feeling stuck with your practice, or if you’ve not been able to approach your props  with a sense of play or exploration. Try some of these ideas and see where they lead you.


  • Got big props? Can you make them smaller? What new things can you do as a result of changing the size?

(Itching to get back to juggling more Poi, Colin decided to shorten his, making them a bit more living-room friendly, and filmed the results for us to enjoy.)

  • Got a usual practice spot? Have a look around the room and see what other spaces you could juggle in. Juggling on the floor, lying on the coffee table, upside down in a chair? Each space might have a particular pattern or challenge of it’s own, go explore.


  • What’s the strangest thing, or combination of things, you can balance? Maybe don’t include anything really fragile or really heavy, at least for the first few attempts.


  • Can you juggle with a mix of objects found lying around your room? What unique properties does each object have? Can you make the objects interact to create unusual patterns?


We would love to see what you create following some of these ideas, so if your posting a trick make sure to tag us @cascadejuggling, and we will try to repost as may silly tricks as we can.

And don’t forget to have fun.


(Bob tries a few of these ideas, exploring and experimenting around his living room.)



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