The Swifts

It’s that time of year again in Scotland.

The sun sticks around in the sky for just a little bit longer each day, reminding us all of how much we’ve missed it. With the extra light on my face there’s excitement for the warmer times ahead, but with it comes the hard acceptance that there are still some dark months to go. During this time of the year I normally find it easy to lose focus, motivation, smiles and laughter, even the will to juggle.


Having recently gone through a two month stretch without much juggling, recovering from surgery on my elbow. I feel very fortunate to have started this year, able to throw and catch again. While this simple thing has been a great boost, my own passion for circus, play, exploration and juggling, has actually been sustained throughout by some of the incredible tricks and videos that have been created and shared by members of the circus community all around the world.


With this in mind, I will be intermittently sharing some of the juggling videos that have really inspired me recently, in the hopes that they might inspire you.


The Swifts” is an artful juggling video created by Portland, Oregon/ Cologne-based artist Anni Küpper. The video combines live-action with hand-drawn animation and was shot in Portland, Oregon, in September 2020. The animations were created by the performer during the COVID lockdown.


The Vaux Swifts are migrating birds native to North America and northern South America. The largest known roosting site of the Vaux Swifts is in Portland. During the month of September thousands of birds spiral and swirl through the air before they seek shelter in an abandoned chimney overnight.

This project was supported by:
Regional Arts and Culture Council (RACC)
Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen

juggling & animation: Anni Küpper
video & editing: Devin Tucker
music: Bemya Nymh
costume: Anna Kemp
drone footage: Willow Solow

Find out more about the artist:


Take 5 minutes and enjoy this circus short, from one of the world’s most amazing  jugglers.


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