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Xmas 2021 Buying Guide

Hello wonderful humans!

It’s that time of year once more, so we’ve put together a helpful little guide of gift ideas, just incase you’ve got that person in your life whom you have no idea of what to get them for Christmas.

Juggling Balls


We reckon you, everyone you know and everyone you will ever know, will love to learn to juggle.

Trust the jugglers 😉

Our ‘Cascade Classic’ range comes in 3 different weights and sizes, perfect for a variety of people, both big and small. Made from a non-stretch material, these ‘Thud’ juggling balls are very durable and long lasting, and come in a wonderful number of colours to choose from.

Shop all juggling sets here.



It’s been around for centuries, it’ll be around for centuries more, and still, new tricks and skills with it are being created all the time. The Diabolo is a great prop for developing rhythm, focus, hand eye coordination, and most importantly…fun

The Diabolo now comes in lot’s of different variations, but the main 2 categories are ‘Bearing’ and ‘Non-Bearing’. Non-Bearing Diabolo’s, being the traditional version of the prop, would require the player to take breaks from tricks, to speed up the Diabolo once more. With a Bearing Diabolo, the prop will spin for much longer, enabling greater sequences of tricks.

The JD Carousel Set is a great budget option for a kids bearing diabolo – Carousel Set.

Shop all Diabolo here.




Now repeat after me… It’s more than just a Ball and Cup….and I want one.

A traditional Japanese wooden skilltoy, now with a few 21st century, cutting edge upgrades, meaning more mind bending tricks are possible, while still keeping its roots of precision and focus.

The Boost Radar has wide cups for easier catches, grippy paint for better balance and a perfect scope line to keep your eyes fixed on the hole. They also come in a variety of wonderful colours, so you can find the perfect fit.

Shop All Kendama here.




The YoYo is a classic toy that has been around for more years than we could count. A simple design known round the world, that has seen constant upgrades and improvements to suit many different styles of play.

The YoYo Factory Arrow is a plastic YoYo, but with a finger spin cup and both a responsive and unresponsive bearing in the box, it is a great model for beginners looking to improve their skills.

Shop all YoYo here.



Originally used by dancers in Maori culture, Poi has now been spread all over the world. A performance art in its own right, the technical skills of what is possible are also constantly being pushed. They can even be juggled!

While most commonly known from the, wow and danger factor of Fire, or LED shows, practice poi are also incredibly fun and the best place to start for those thinking about spinning fire.

With their long flowing scarf ends the Pyro Pixies Spiral Poi look amazing and are ideal for practicing with!

Shop all practice poi here.


Juggling Clubs

If you’ve already fallen in love with juggling 3 Balls, or know someone who has, and are looking for a slightly different challenge than just adding a 4th. Well then you need a set of clubs.

While Balls and Clubs share a lot of patterns, there is just a lot more object to play with in a club, and they have plenty of unique properties of their own.

The Juggle Dream ‘ Euro’ is a great entry level club. Though relatively light, the club spins very nicely and with wrapped handles the catches are even more comfortable in the hands.

Shop all juggling clubs here.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas and food for thought. If you need any further help or advice please drop us an email or pick up the phone and we’ll do our best to help you find the right prop!

We hope you’ll have some circus in your Christmas this year. All the best from team Cascade!


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