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About Us

Cascade Juggling began as a small online shop for jugglers in 2012 and since then we have changed quite a bit while retaining our main focus on providing quality products for beginners through to professionals.

The summer of 2014 was an exciting year for us as we opened our Edinburgh store. This is were we ran our operations from for many years and we had great fun meeting and talking circus with everyone who dropped by.

In 2017 we expanded into magic and playing cards and quickly grew to offer one of the largest selections of playing cards in the UK.

2021 has seen some big changes. We said goodbye to our physical shop and have decided to focus on online only from our new premises still in Edinburgh. Another big change was that we split our playing cards off onto a seperate site which can now be found at cipherplayingcards.com. This will allow us to use Cascade to focus on circus props and we will continue to source and stock the best products from around the world.

We’ve enjoyed the journey so far and are looking forward to what the future brings, thanks for joining us along the way!

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