Our First LED Poi Video - Cascade Juggling

Our First LED Poi Video

On a cold a dreary February evening we set off to the beautiful and enchanting Roslin Glen to shoot our first new video for our new youtube channel.

Colin and Kirstie the performers have been spinning poi for a long time now and have established a partner poi routine they have taken all around the country and we wanted to capture this in the somewhat magical setting of Roslin.

Aiming to shoot in the special twilight hour we had to get set up and ready to shoot fairly quickly. There are some amazing hollow trees around the area we wanted to film in so we lit these up to add to the atmosphere.

Once this was done we had to start shooting quick. We worked with the talented Donald Dalziel Media and JJFD Photography for this shoot and both offer friendly and professional level of work.

Aside from a short break for a rain shower we were lucky with the weather mainly holding. As the light closed in we had to finish up the shoot and then it was a patient wait until the final edit was delivered.

Happily that has just happened and we are really pleased with the final result. We hope you enjoy this;

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